Our Training Centre based in Cheras Perdana  provides a base for students to gain knowledge and experience on the ground through practice for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other programmes. We have been a training ground for students from Inti University and Xiamen University.

Long-term and short courses and programme listings:

1. Kursus Pembangunan Kapasiti  (KPK)  in TCM

AIM has been approved by the Traditional and Complementary Medicine Council under the  Ministry of Health as a training centre for the Competency Development Course (KPK-Kursus Pembangunan Kapasiti)  in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

Past Trainings

1. U3A TCM Special Course

Dr Kong Why Hong, delivered a 6 weeks programme on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for Seniors for University of the Third Age, Malaysia. The online course covered basic TCM theory and practical tips  that are useful for Seniors to maintain their quality of life.

Do check out our calendar of events for public talks and training programmes. We do customised trainings. 

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