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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine (IM) looks at the care and health of the person as a whole. Healthy means far more than being free of disease. It means being in state of wholeness that covers the complete balance of physical, mental, spiritual, social and well-being. Integrative treatment combines the best therapies of modern medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that neither rejects modern medicine nor accepts TCM uncritically. From this perspective and understanding, the role of integrative medicine (IM) in promoting health and well-being is multi-faceted. 

The core principle of integrative medicine is the partnership between patient and practitioner in the healing process. Integrative health aims for a well-coordinated care among different types of treatment by bringing conventional and complementary Eastern & Western approaches together. 

What is unique and different about integrative medicine is that the therapies offered are evidence-based and have been proven through some form of research and clinical studies. It is constantly evolving and looks into the best combination of East and Western medication towards a patient’s well-being.

AIM Healthcare TCM integrative Clinic is designed to provide holistic treatment with the specialisation in cancer, stroke, and pain management. It brings acupuncture and Chinese herb medicine directly into conventional treatment and therapy that is tailored specifically for the patient’s needs., a subsidiary  of the ASIAN INTEGRATED MEDICAL SDN BHD, is a distributor of high quality aged care, healthcare products and services.

  • Our focus is on aged care, medical technology (Med-Tech) and healthcare products and services.
  • Established in 2012, we are licensed by the Medical Device Authority Malaysia to distribute Medical Equipment / Devices in Malaysia. 

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