The Best of both worlds

Integrative Clinic

An increasing proportion of societies in Malaysia are searching for Traditional Chinese medicine. The use of Intergative Medicine(IM) and therapy has increased. Patients are turning to alternative and natural medicine to find cure and to maintain their health. Integrative Medicine (IM) looks at the care and health of the person as a whole. Healthy means far more than being free of disease. It means being in state of wholeness that covers the complete balance of physical, mental, spiritual, social and well-being. Integrative treatment combines the best therapies of modern medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) that neither rejects modern medicine nor accepts TCM uncritically. From this perspective and understanding, the role of integrative medicine (IM) in promoting health and well-being is multi-faceted. 

AIM Healthcare (Asian Integrated Medical Sdn Bhd) promotes integrated medical treatment by choosing the best combination from east (complementary medicine) and west (Modern medicine).  We believe that bridging the gap between conventional medicine and TCM will lead to the improvement of patient care and choices.  We work with a network of professionals who seek to continuously improve their understanding of alternative therapies and to incorporate an integrative approach into the mainstream healthcare system. 

Our logo sends a clear message on integrative medicine where the blue cross on the left which symbolise modern medicine treatment whereas the green leave on the right symbolisecomplimentary medicine treatment/Traditional Chinese Medicine.

As Advocates of integrative medicine , we propagate that the  key to effective treatment is a customised  plan that encourages and supports a healthy lifestyle for patients.

OUR ASPIRATION: To build the 1st Integrative Medicine Hospital in Malaysia  by engaging a network of professionals in alternative therapies with the AIM to incorporate integrative treatment to public health care.